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General Terms

The present website is an exclusive property of the company Chr. Kapodistrias & Sons Ltd (from now on called the “Company”).  
Access to and use of this website and the products and services available through it are subject to the present Terms & Conditions and that by using this website you agree to abide by these. The Company has the exclusive right to change, amend and update these at any time subject to its commercial needs, without prior notification, and it is your responsibility to check these on a regular basis. The Company shall not be liable if this website is unavailable for any technical or commercial reason at any time or period.

The information provided by the Company in this website is only applicable for your general information. In particular, the enclosed information does not constitute any form of advice and/or recommendation by the Company for the decision of any sort of investment or any other decision making.

You are the sole responsible for the acceptance and usage of any information related with the usage and/or purchase of tyres found within the Internet in general. Any such decisions are taken only at your own risk and responsibility. The Company may also provide electronic links to other websites in the Internet. Through the usage of such links you leave the Company’s website and thus the Company is not responsible for the accuracy of the information provided by any such linked websites.

Legal System

The present Terms & Conditions are governed by the laws and regulations of the Republic of Cyprus and of the legal framework of the European Union.

Intellectual Property

The contents of this website constitute intellectual property of the Company. Copying and/or reproduction and/or publication of any part or the whole of these contents to any mass media or to any website or to the Internet in general is strictly forbidden without the prior written approval by the Company.


The Company may sell part of the space of this website for advertisements and/or promotions and/or sponsorships to other commercial companies and/or legal entities for the sole purpose of promoting their own products and/or services. The Company is not responsible and/or liable for the extent and quality of the content of such advertisements and/or promotions and/or sponsorships. The responsibility of such content lies entirely on the third party companies and/or legal entities that have developed this and are the sole proprietors of such advertisements. The Company shall not accept any legal action by any party, individual or commercial company or other legal entity, for such content.


The access of and surfing in this website is free and does not require any registration. If you decide, though, to purchase online any of the tyres that the Company imports and/or distributes and/or markets in the Cyprus market from this website, then you need to register to create your own account at the appropriate section by providing the required information or login if you already have an account. The account holder should be at least 18 years old.

You are required to inform the Company immediately for the unauthorised use of your account by anyone else. The Company is not liable and shall not accept any responsibility for such unauthorised activity. We reserve the right to deny access to our interactive services, close any account for any user and/or amend the registration or login requirements at any time without prior notification.

You can always review and update your personal data you have already submitted, at any moment, if you login at your current account. In case you cannot login for any reason, we do not have access to your account password and for security reasons we can only activate the reinstatement procedure.

The Company shall not accept any liability for any loss or damage caused to the buyer’s computer device and/or programmes and/or other electronic device and/or personal data due to the use of this website or due to the downloading of any of its material.


Our confidentiality policy clarifies that, by using this website for purchasing our tyres on line, you agree and consent to the purchasing procedures described therein and guarantee that all the personal data you will submit to us is correct and accurate. You also agree and consent that you will not use this website in a manner that violates the laws of the Republic of Cyprus nor distribute any virus or post any other material that is harmful or malicious or use it illegally for distributing advertising and/or promotional texts known as spams. If such forbidden activities are identified, the Company will immediately report such to the Authorities of the Republic of Cyprus and shall reserve its legal rights against any person or legal entity that may be proved liable for using such unlawful and harmful practices.

The Company agrees and consents that it shall not reveal to any person or entity your own personal data and that it shall handle them in total and absolute confidentiality according to the prevailing laws of the Republic of Cyprus.

Sales, Pricing and Availability

Online sales are restricted only within the areas controlled by the Republic of Cyprus (the areas of the Republic occupied by the Turkish Army are excluded).
All the listed tyres prices include the legally approved VAT as per current laws and regulations and they may change at any moment without any notification subject to any unilateral decision by the Company. In case a sale has been completed with an erroneous pricing, the Company has the full right not to accept it, ask for the sale cancellation and request its repetition using the correct pricing.

The Company is not liable for any non-availability of tyres via online sales. Orders shall be processed provided the tyres requested are available. If requested tyres are available then these will be sold as per indicated prices and shall be sent to the buyer’s chosen workshop by the Company’s logistic services. The buyer is responsible to produce the mounting coupon either on paper or in electronic form via mobile or tablet and present this personally to the selected workshop.

In case there is no available stock of the requested tyres, the buyer shall be informed by the Company and the buyer shall be refunded in full, if for any reason the online sale was erroneously actualised.


The Company clarifies that it is the mere importer and/or representative and/or distributor and not the actual manufacturer of the tyres that are sold through this website. The Company aims to provide a good description of the listed products however the manufacturers’ respective websites may contain a full description of their products’ attributes.


All payments shall be effectuated using a valid credit or debit card via the payment procedures of JCC Payment Systems Ltd as defined in the relevant section of this website. After the payment is completed, a purchase with the name << Chr. Kapodistrias & Sons Ltd >> OR <<WWW.KAPODISTRIAS-TYRES.CO >> will appear in your bank statement.

Tyres Delivery 

Provided the specific tyres ordered are on stock, these are expected to be delivered by the Company free of charge until the preselected day of delivery to the tyrefitter’s workshop selected online by the buyer. It should be noted that on some rare occasions we may have some disruption of the delivery process which may not be attributed to us (e.g. force majeure) and delivery times may take a bit longer than the above stated one. On such rare occasions, the buyer shall be informed by us either through email or sms or by phone.

Cancellation of Orders and Product Returns 

You may cancel your online purchase without charge if the cancellation is requested within twenty four (24) hours from ordering (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays). If the cancellation is requested more than twenty four (24) hours from ordering (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays) then there shall be a charge of €3.00 per tyre for covering the logistics costs of delivering the tyres to the selected workshop. 
Once orders are delivered to the selected workshop, tyres can be accepted to be returned back to the Company provided the workshop ensures us that the tyres bought are not the correct ones. The buyer shall be refunded in full without any extra charge. 

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