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Semperit Semperit
Semperit is a product of Continental AG. Semperit produces technologically advanced tires for all those motorists who apply critical reasoning when it comes to buying tires and driving.

Semperit Philisophy
With Semperit tires 'it always runs' - and it has done so for over a hundred years. Because the name of our brand comes from the Latin 'semper it' and means 'it always runs'.

We have traditionally always built tires able to handle the tough demands of the homeland of our Alpine brand. And tires that can fulfil these demands are tires you can rely on wherever you are, winter and summer.

Semperit tires are not just some average tires - thanks to the balanced performance of our products, they represent the golden mean. Anyone who buys Semperit tires is not just sensible and price-aware, but also responsible in his approach towards himself and towards others. Semperit produces technologically advanced tires for all those motorists who apply critical reasoning when it comes to buying tires and driving.

What you will find convincing on our tires is the safety, reliability and first-rate handling they offer. And our range has tires to meet every requirement. Whether your main concern is comfort or sporty performance - from compact vehicles to sports cars we have the right tire for you - in tried and tested Semperit quality. Quite simply - Semperit offers everyone an all-round "Entire performance".

The history:

When a brand has been around for over a hundred years, this is a good opportunity to look back over the early days and past events. So we've compiled a short summary of the most important events below. This will give you a good idea of how we have managed to become what we are today - a traditional brand with a future.

1850 Production begins in Wimpassing, Austria, at the first rubber goods factory on the European continent

1896 The Miskolczy & Co. OHG rubber goods factory is founded in Traiskirchen, Austria

1900 Production of car tyres begins

1906 The name SEMPERIT is created from the Latin - semper it ('it always runs')

1936 Semperit makes the 'GOLIATH', the company's first winter tyre

1956 Production of tubeless tyres and the then highly popular white wall tyres begins

1963 The newly launched studded tyres (M+S 181) are an instant best-seller

1966 Start of development of the radial tyre, which goes into production in 1967

1984 Work starts on rebuilding and extending the factory in Traiskirchen, together with restructuring of the production process. SEMPERIT REIFEN AG is separated from SEMPERIT AG.

1985 Integration into the Continental Group, thereby fusing the expertise of two leading European tyre manufacturers